About RAYKI School

RAYKI school promotes heart-based healing art that is natural and less or non invasive. School is here to educate mind-body integration through physical, emotional, mental and intellectual levels. We are here to share wisdom from our ancestors and information from cutting edge scientists. Come and sit with us to take a class and meet like-minded people. Become a student in our program, or contact us for team building activity. We offer wellness retreats throughout a year to nourish your body, mind and soul, so you can heal from core.

RAYKI School offers various transformational healing programs. It is led by a spiritual life coach, Makiko, who specialized in conscious healing process and spiritual science. She is a founder of RAYKI SCHOOL, and the owner of RAYKI LOVE


  • Self-healing techniques – provides tools and skills to achieve stillness and to bring more peace and joy into one’s life
  • Wellness program to workplace – bring a more structured approach to implement the wellness program that is rewarding to both employees and managers.
  • Ascension program – helps one move through life with more ease and grace, remembering who they are, knowing one’s soul contracts, and stepping up to one’s own inner power.
  • Reiki healing – you will learn how to heal yourself, others via greater love that connects us with Source, universal life force.
  • Wellness and Healing Retreat – offers end-to-end healing and wellness program. This is where healer becomes a more powerful healer.

About Me

Dr Makiko Fliss’s extensive background in Western Medicine (Johns Hopkins & Mount Sinai School of Medicine), combined with knowledge of the energy system, uniquely positions her as an expert in traditional and nontraditional disciplines.

Makiko studied Biomedical Sciences at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and cancer biology in various institutions including Johns Hopkins University and Meiji University in Japan. She worked in the biotech, pharmaceutical industry and academia and therefore knows the pros and cons of western medicine.

She also has an innate ability to perceive energy from chakras and tune into the innate rhythmic vibrations of life. With this accumulated knowledge, she continues to explore how the human body and mind are interconnected, and how to maintain perfect harmony to stay young and healthy. Her focus is to spread her knowledge and share how every person can utilize this innate tool to reduce stress and ignite their power within. ​

Johns Hopkin Medicine
Icahn School Of Medicine
The Upledger Institute
Reiki Membership Association

Start your journey with us.

RAYKI school is perfect for those who are willing and ready to receive layered messages (vibration based teaching). If you are you seeking more structured learning, and seek wisdom and not the volume, you are in the right place. RAYKI school is here to unlock the mysteries. We are committed to offer spiritual mechanics of Source, Universal Life Force.

RAYKI School Code of Ethics

The certified graduates (practitioners and masters) from RAYKI school are expected to adhere to the highest professional standards. Among these are the commitment to provide quality healing session to all recipients without discrimination but with unconditional love, to respect free will and privacy of each client, to accept the responsibility to do no harm to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, to seek learning opportunities to enhance therapeutic skills. They also need to continue his or her healing journey and to improve their practice on unconditional love in every aspect of life. They must work within their professional scope of practice and abide by the rules and/or laws that govern healthcare practices in their applicable regions (i.e., city, state, or province).