Rayki School Ascension Program

Congratulations on your awakened journey!

There is not time to waste. As you an awakened and an awakening being, you understand how fragile the time is. It is not a fixed thing, but it is more fluid like a stream of river.  You can feel like you are controlled by “time”, or you can treat time as a reference tool. Thus you are no longer a slave by “time”. So congratulations to you. You decided to create this time for yourself to stay awakened and grow yourself further. I recommend to go through this step, especially if you wish to skip through this ascension process. Every being goes through unique journey. We take many different paths and learnings. But one thing never change. It is this journey. We are all travelers and being on this journey for eons. It is up to you how you wish to experience this journey.

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You can start today or later, but why wait? Do not know how or wish to be more certain about your future? Take advice from the experts who’ve done this many times! This program is designed in a way, so you can start at any point and take it as a small chunk. So it is kind and gentle to your system and your finance. It is up to you how quickly you wish to advance. I recommend to do this from the start, which is “Heart Journal Club.”  Not many people teach this, but this is a critical step. And you will find out why….


 Heart Journal Club

HEART JOURNAL CLUB: this is the very first step to prepare yourself for ascension. Click the link above to learn more.

  1. Love Yourself First “Do you know why you must love yourself first?” Self-sacrifice can become the most selfish thing you can do.
  2. Self-Love Go Deeper “We will start asking a question, “Are you loving yourself enough?”
  3. Shadow self Part One
  4. Shadow Self Part Two
  5. Taking Care of Ego
  6. Beyond Duality
  7. Unconditional Love (higher love)

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“I AM”  BOOTCAMP Reclaim self identity, self value, and break away from karmic pollutions in a concrete way. Start a new set of contracts and design an inspiring future. We take off as soon as we have enough tribes to take off!

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 Inner Knowingness Program (INP8)

This is for the advanced class for an awakened being. 8 weeks (4 live sessions) to ignite and nurture inner knowingness. Click HERE for more description.

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