Akashic Records Reading Workshop 101

Textbook for Akashic Records Reading Workshop

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Akashi 101 Workshop  $ 350.00
Reiki Master $375.00 (option to receive 1 extra ignition)
This is a whole day workshop

If you are a RAYKI master, you can receive an extra ignition to optimize the outcome.

Welcome brothers and sisters!

I am very honored to be with you at this time. I chose the name Starseeds as this include Indigo, and Angelic Humans. In fact, we are all starseeds. I know that not all of us feel this way, and some teachings have a very narrow definition. In this setting, Starseeds, Indigo, and Angelic Humans are the people who are awakened, ready and able to push forward with their missions. You are the front force of service to others, light and love.

We have had monumental events in our recent history. More people are awakening and stayed awakened. This already had tremendous impact on the planetary ascension and beyond. Negative events, however, brought more stress and drama to our planet and solar system. This is why your mission has been upgraded recently. We are tasked to do more thus to take actions with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

– Knowing one’s true gift
– Understanding and confirming your soul purpose from the perspective of the Source
– Uncovering truth
– Spiritual mechanics and science behind ancient teachings and mysticism
and many more!

What You Expect From This Workshop

Akashic Records

– Akashic Field Activation (extra ignition for Master Students)
– Textbook for Akashic Records Reading
– Techniques to access Akashic Fields
– Discover your talents and connections to Source/God/Great Sprit
– Experience deeper healing and sense of compassion

We are about to shift our timeline to free our tribes, brothers and sisters, along with freeing more consciousness from future civilizations. This is a quite big responsibility. But also it is a quite exciting time to be here as a fully awakened being.

So breathe the air and honor your body, as you may not experience this timeline anymore.
I thank you for being here to work on yourself and bring more light into this world.
Hope you can join us to open the portal to A-ka-shi fields!

If you are RAYKI master graduates, you have an option to receive an extra ignition on the night before. Please let Makiko know if you are able to attend on-site/online ignition.

I am here to serve you, so that you can complete your soul missions here on earth. We need you, and many more of you. I am sending my energy there in advance, so you can reach your potential. Now it is your turn to do the same. You just need to show up, and the Universe will guide you from that point on.

Reading akashic records is not just for specific people, it is open to each and every one of us. It is in Akashi (Ekasha) fields where all knowingness exists beyond time and space. However, it takes “good” and “correct” practices to access them. You may watch the video to learn more.


Why Now?

The year of 2019 is the mastery of duality. There is no other place that I can think of to heal oneself and raise frequencies in a singular moment. The ancient mountains and crystal beds in them do the magic. All you need to do is show up and be fully present.

In this retreat, you will discover your inner physician and how to heal yourself completely. This is the difference. This is a rare retreat where it is completely “frequency based”. So you will receive and experience what you truly deserve. So let us set our intention now – be still and the truth will be revealed.

I want each and every soul to have the very best experience in this retreat. Also I would like to thank the Universe in advance as this retreat is already happening for those who are thinking of coming here. When you come here, please make an extra effort to meet the founder of Mountain Light, Michael Lightweaver. He is a true warrior and the light carrier.

I would love to share what I saw from each and every one of you, but probably not here. As it was so magical and grand, it was very personal and unique to you. Though we all had a very special and mystical experience together in the very end, I will keep this in my heart and will never forget about this and the ties we developed with one another.

Our Universe is made of the energy of unconditional love. This is why LOVE heals ALL.

RAYKI hugs,


RAYKI Family Moments

Retreat Reviews

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Relax and Optimize Your Experience

I love to learn especially with like-minded people. Let’s make it even more fun by optimizing your environment.

Things You May Want To Bring….

  • Water bottle
  • Yummy lunch (comfort food) and snacks
  • Akashi notebook and a pen
  • Crystals (healing crystals, and ones that you wish to get to know more)
  • Drum(s) or noise maker (some clothing that is comfortable to move or lay down on lawns, or pavillion area)
  • Yoga matt, blanket that can be place down on the ground/grass
  • Swimming clothes (pool cleansing in the end) and beach towel

Good To Know

  • I will be hosting a sunrise oceanfront meditation on the day of, if weather permits. Let me know if you are joining me.
  • Bring a big lunch so we can share our favorite foods with others. This will be a good primer for our lucid dreaming exercise planned shortly after lunch.
  • Try to avoid tons of caffeine, stimulants or alcohol before this workshop.
  • Let Makiko know if you have any question, or dietary restriction.