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2018 is number 11 in numerology. Yes, it is the year of “SELF IMPROVEMENT”. Invest yourself in building your skill sets. New and more Reiki Classes are offered in various locations.  Attend Heart Journal Club , Spiritual Bootcamp, and one of our retreats! Come and learn together!


Not in the area?  Ah….distance. The majority of my clients and students are out of state and off continent. I use a high quality video conference app, so that you feel as if we are sitting next to each other. Also you can save much time and energy in this way.
Contact me if you have any question about these events/classes. I often get back to you in a day or so! Look forward to being with you in the next class!

What's New?

Upcoming Classes

Past events

Winter Solstice Drumming and Ceremony

Location: Private beach house @ Ortley Beach, New Jersey  RSVP req.

  1. Friday December 22nd – Opening of Winter Solstice Celebration 7pm
    Lead Drummer Dave Miller  Register now and Save!
  2.   Friday December 29th  – Closing of Winter Solstice 7pm
    Lead Drummer Dave Miller  Register now and Save!
  3.   Sunday December 31st, 7pm New Year Full Moon Celebration   Register now and Save!

  Reiki Intensive Training Location: Ortley Beach, New Jersey

  1. Holy Fire II Reiki Level 1 & 2  December 21st & 22nd  (9am – 5pm)
  2. Holy Fire II Reiki Level 3 & 4  December 23 ~ 25th 2017  (9am – 5pm)
  3. Holy Fire II Reiki Karuna  December 26th ~ 28th (9am-5pm)


  Your Soul Path

  1. Birth Chart Reading “Your Path” December 29th  (1pm – 5pm) Register Now and Save!
  2. Future Chart Reading “Your Future” December 30th  (1pm – 5pm) Register Now and Save!

Look forward to sharing knowledge and great energy with you!