Just for today, I am thankful….

Just for today,

Do not be angry.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I am filled with happiness, joy and total abundance.
Today and for eternity,
I love myself for who I AM.


Reiki is a natural healing method and the least invasive way to interact with a client. A Reiki master or a trained professional will offer healing energy primarily via hands to ignite the individual’s innate healing ability.
Perfect for … someone who just went through a healing crisis, surgery, emotional trauma, etc. It is also great to give when a cancer survivor is celebrating his/her cancer-free anniversary, employee appreciation, birthday, etc….. Give the gift of Reiki Natural Healing that lasts a lifetime. This certificate can be used for Reiki treatments, Bio-energy field assessment, or any classes we offer here at RAYKI School. These gift certificates are available to purchase here at the RAYKI School healing center in NJ or online. Simply click the gift certificate of our choice and the printable certificate will be delivered to you via email or visit the NJ center in Cranbury.

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“So relaxing. Thank you Makiko! I sleep so well on that night. I highly recommend this to anyone.” ~ VP Marketing and Ironman.

“I recently had a major surgery. My doctor was so inspired by my recovery that she was going to try Reiki too!” ~ Cancer survivor, and mother of two.

“I love her Reiki so much that I sent my best friend to her. I could not wait to hear her experience. Now she is a total believer of Reiki healing!” ~ Counselor and a Reiki healer.

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