2018 Fall Class


This class is perfect for those who are starting a new spiritual beginning, inner knowingness, or to get in touch with {{{ you }}}.  You create your own reality that is very unique but is connected to everything around you. Do you feel you are not living the life you deserve, or do you feel that this is a sub-optimal life-style? This is not me! When and how did I lose myself?  Who’s fault is this? If you have had these moments, you are not alone.

This is by far the critical class you’ve ever take, and far more important than any other ascension classes here or out there. Without a wholeness of heart, one will never know what to believe, which way to go, or how you experience your life and not living through other people’s lives. And this is the most affordable class I’ve known. So do mark your calendar, and take action today by registering this class. Let you and your Universe know that you are taking your life seriously.

It is recommended to retake the class as this is the FOUNDATION of ALL. None of the class is the same as I follow “frequency-based” teaching. So it is up to the student’s collective energy. Always new and relevant content are exchanged here.

We will start asking a question,
“Am I loving myself enough?”

This is a mixture of lectures and discussions.

Starts on Thursday September 6th 2018
7:00 pm-8:00 pm (NY Time)

Ends on Thursday October 25th, 2018
We will meet 7 times and one week self study (October 18th)

This is an Online Class (on-site option for NJ tribes)
tuition: $100

Topics include: self-care, extreme self-care, selfish love, conditioned love, unconditional love, emotion and feeling, communication between you and Source (God/Goddess), dealing with low and dense energy, self-protection (how to deal with energy vampires), and feeling OK to put yourself first.

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Our Winter 2018 Class is
“Awakening From Heart”



This is a mixture of lectures and discussions. Discussion topics include:

  • Unconditional love – what is it? How does it look like? Why do we need to practice this daily?
  • Roles of Judgement and Guilt
  • Fragmentation of our hearts and our personality
  • Our relations to our higher self, divinity, God/Source

Starts on Thursday November 29th 2018
7:30 m- 8:30 pm (NY Time)

Ends on Thursday January 10th, 2019. We will meet seven times.

This is an Online Class (on-site option for NJ tribes)
Tuition: $130

This is an advanced class. You need to take at least one 8-week Heart Journal Club

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Shadow Self

Healing My Shadow Self

Heart Journal Club Spring 2019 “Healing My Shadow Self”

Dates: Starts on March 28, 2019, Ends May 9, 2019. We will meet Seven times

Time: 8pm-9pm

Tuition: $130

What is “Shadow Self” to you? And how would you “see” it? Will you be afraid of facing it alone?


Everyone has shadow self (selves). It is said that more he/she is successful in society, more fear she/he will face to uncover it’s own shadow. Interesting….let’s see how famous you are. If you have over 10,000 followers in facebook profile, yes, you stick out. Or if you manage hundreds or thousands people, yes you will need to wear a “mask”. In contrast, if one is labeled as a black sheep in a family, this work flows quite nicely. If you are like me, relatively unknown or a low profile being, do congratulate yourself (yay!). This exercise becomes fun and eye opening. I am certain that we can practice this exercise in a safe and nurturing environment. In this class, we will focus on how to face our shadow self in a graceful and intelligent ways. Please note that this class is a frequency based. So the collective energy of participants will lead the flows and the depth of content. Always, I listen to your feedback. Thank you for taking care of yourself first for everyone else.

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This is an Online Class*zoom apps is recommended to maximize your experience.

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This is the very first step to prepare yourself for ascension. By clearing and nurturing your inner heart space, your soul can be fed to ignite your passion, soul purpose, and tell you which way to go when.  Congrats on your awakening! You are a perfect candidate, especially if you wish to find out answers to the following questions:


Would you like to heal your heart?

Do you struggle to love yourself first? Or this is a bit crazy idea?

Would you like to heal others as you continue to heal yourself?

Would you like to know the secret to become a powerful healer?

Would you like to further expand your consciousness?

Would you like to know how to follow your highest excitement consistently?

Are you loving yourself enough each day?

Would you like to feel “free” from judgements and attachments from the past?

Would you like to gain ability to “know” what is real, and what is illusion?

Would you like to have a solid teacher and a supportive group to take this important challenge?


Don’t delay on your ascension journey, simply jump in, if this is something resonate well with you. Use the registration link below, and be with the like-minded people. Upon registration you will receive the online log-in details.

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Welcome to Heart Journal Club!

“Express Your Divinity!”

This is a mix of lecture and art class! Intriguing lecture to excite your sense and creativity ~ ignite your core creative center. Awaken your creative energy to “touch your divinity” ~ experience your Goddess/God power within.

The class will be interactive and ample opportunities to explore each topic with art, poetry and free movement.

This Summer

Express Your Divinity!

Starts on Wednesday June 27th 2018
Ends on July 25th
7:00 pm-8:10 pm (NY Time)

Heart Journal Club ~Divine Love

Wednesday 7pm – 8:10pm

We will meet 4 times (no class on July 4th)

We will explore our core creative power, divinity within. On-line class*
no class on July 4th
Class fee: $69

 *On-site location for NJ (Cranbury/Hamilton Area)

Summer Semester is now open for registration
Online participants: *zoom apps is recommended to maximize your experience.

Lecture topics: Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, human love vs romance, Creator God, Goddess, Creation and Creative Power
Recommended supplies: basic art supply for drawing, journal, and anything else that inspires your being-ness.

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Here is some students' feedback

“The teacher is inspiring and talks the talk because she has walked the walk. The topics are pertinent and eerily timely.
I enjoy the interactions on the Facebook board. The materials used in class were often very interesting and thought provoking.” ~ Consciousness Explorer and Healer from Asheville NC.

“What I really like about this class is the feedback from Makiko. Understanding that there is no wrong decision and you are always connected to Source.  It was online and recorded, so I could catch up to the next session. ~ 20 Year Cath Lab Tech.

“My hardest time was always looking at myself and sincerely meaning I love you (although I see it in others eyes as a reflection). I think that the journaling has been an important piece . If truth be told I’ve never written as much as I am doing now . And I am truly grateful to have communication with the heart journal club. Love to you all and thanks for being there!” ~ Nurse and Reiki healer.

“I felt i was learning the whole time. I wish it could have lasted 90 minutes or more!” ~ Owner of Holistic Salon, SC

Why Join Heart Journal Club? There is power writing down what you want to understand about yourself and what you want to manifest. Writing things down confirms what you are thinking and what you want out of life. Daily journaling gives you a chance to keep track of where you are and where you want to go. The group setting for the class gives you a chance to share your thoughts with like minded people. Sometimes you find what you thought about yourself as unusual is actually something you have in common with others. ~ David, Reiki Master 

“I love listening to Makiko share her thoughts and wisdom. Learning the importance of feeling as communication was very valuable
I generally looked forward to each class with great anticipation and was never disappointed.  ~ Wellness enthusiasts from SC.

“I now have been taking care of me. It is my turn to find me, and try to answer all the questions I have had my whole life!” ~ Student and a powerful healer.

“When I first started the club I couldn’t feel my heart, now I can feel it and I acknowledge how it guides me. I also find so much joy in taking care and helping others!” ~ Holy Fire II Reiki Master and caregiver, and mother of two.

More testimonials >>>> click HERE