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Jan 15 2017 Princeton Center for Yoga & Health Princeton NJ


Feb 28 2018 Educational Speech Kiryoku Center “Reiki 101”  Increased awareness of Reiki and demystified this spiritual healing. Only 2 attendees had previous knowledge of Reiki. Several people were seriously considering to take Reiki healing path after this seminar.

March 7 2018 Education “Energy and Matter, Life and Consciousness” Senior Center Presentation about “Human Energy System” – 30 attendance and request to come back for an additional speaking/service. Many question – the duration exceeded 2 hrs.

March 30 2018 Kiryoku Center “Crystal Reiki 101” Educational Talk about healing properties of Crystals. It is easier subject as you can touch and feel the energy fields.

April 9 2018 Wellness fair at L’Occitane Reiki Exhibit

April 15 2018 Open House invited by Art of Heart Studio Hamilton

April 27 2018 Crystal Reiki Talk at Kiryoku Training Center

May 2018 Speaking Engagement @ Local senior center ~ Human Energy Fields and Quantum Healing

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“Your teachings and healing sessions have been immensely helpful to me. I still occasionally meet with my oncology counselor and I happened to have an appointment with her this morning. She commented on how amazed she is with the progress I’ve made in emotional healing in such a short time. She has been brought to tears by hearing about some of my placement and ignition experiences that I’ve shared.”

–  Cancer survivor, & mother of two USUI Holy Fire II REIKI MASTER

“The training was excellent, I feel confidant that with practice I will be able to administer Reiki. It was good to get feedback from other students that they could feel the energy flow through my hands.”

– David, Engineer

“Holy Fire II Master’s Reiki was powerful one to me. My Asthma is gone! I no longer need my inhaler. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Licensed nurse and caregiver. USUI REIKI Holy Fire II MASTER

“Sunday was such a life changing experience that I was wondering if I could also request a Holy Fire Reiki I certificate to commemorate my receiving placement in Holy Fire Reiki I class. A day I will never forget none the less!”

– Satisfied Rayki School Student