Welcome to  the “I AM”  BOOT CAMP

This is an Advanced Ascension Program



Fall Class
September 22nd ~ December 15th  every other Friday
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm NY Time
Online meeting (zoom.us) Onsite Cranbury NJ
Upon registration you will receive the online log-in details.

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Reclaim self identity, self value, and break away from karmic pollutions in a concrete way. Start a new set of contracts and design an inspiring future. We take off twice a year Spring and Fall Equinox. Our next bootcamp will start on September 22nd Friday 6:00pm NY time. Ends on December Winter Solstice.

Online and Onsite Learning Club (meet online every other FRI 7pm NY Time)

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You will learn....

In this course, you will learn:

  • Life purpose
  • Why you are here, what your life mission(s) is(are), and where you came from
  • Soul Contracts
  • Why most humans are disconnected from the Source, why we seek true freedom
  • How to claim your natural birthright

The content will be adjusted based on the knowledge levels of participating students.