Inner Knowingness Program (INP)

Inner Guidance Program – 8 Week Program (4 live Sessions)

   Inner Wisdom Development (IWD)

Inner Wisdom Development is a module program where one soul realizes the critical points in his/her journey. Place to nurture your inner knowingness by exposing your mind to the esoteric teaching that had been hidden in the modern western world.  You can pick any topics or potion as each soul requires different teaching at a different point in his/her life.

Foundation: Critical Skills and Thinking

  1. Initial Assessment
  2. Alignment & Activation
  3. Healing Work
  4. Charting Out Your Soul Purpose

Electives: Additional programs are available based on the individual’s need.

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Upon deposit, we will specify the future dates of all the sessions.

This program will enable you to build a strong foundation of inner knowingness and congruency with your own Source, which represents critical knowledge needed as a healer and an empath.

You live multi-dimensionally and co-exist in many realms, so you will need to develop specific skill sets for you to truly embrace your current life.