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Preparing for Distant Reiki

Distant Reiki with online appointment or specific time

You can allow yourself to relax in a comfortable position. Many choose to lay down on the couch/floor, or in a bed. It is OK to get up and move around or shift position time to time. I recommend you to hydrate before (even 14 days before and after) as Reiki energy works from the time you decided to make an appointment and after your appointment is done.

The Reiki (Rayki – my version of Reiki) will work continuously, so you do not need to follow this strictly. However, actually healing will happen when you are most relaxed state (alpha wavelength), so it is best for you to stay in a meditative mode as long as possible during this period.

Reiki respect free will. So more you open up to this healing energy more wonderful quality of Reiki one can receive. Please allow Reiki energy to flow through you. Open your heart to Universe and Mother Earth so your all chakras are ready to receive this wonderful energy.

If you want to see the results in a greater way, you may choose the following activities.

Option 1

Write down the areas you may find a blockage. This can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual area. Then you can add color, name, or shape or sentence to IT.

For example, it this is something you feel in the physical body, you may ask the following questions:

  • How am I feeling in my body (overall)?
  • What level of pain am I experiencing?
  • How have I been sleeping?
  • Are there any tense areas in my body?
  • How is my energy level?
  • Then follow up after the session, and then wait for 2-3 days and answer these questions again. Compare your answers and write back to me.

Option 2

Do a brief chakra opening exercise – can be some segment of Yoga, QiGong, Reiki breathing, or simply follow the steps below.

  1. Find a peaceful spot
  2. Ground yourself by breathing deeply. As you breath from nose you may feel your spine slowly expand upward, freeing up your belly so you can breath more into belly (make as big as buddha belly!). Exhale slowly from mouth, making sound of “Haaaaah…”.
  3. Repeat this until you feel some subtle energy coming up from base of spine to your heart.
  4. Open your palms and receiving position (both palm up towards sky), and simply rest your awareness to both palms and crown.
  5. Feel limitless light coming down to your palms and crown
  6. Relax and clear your mind

This will prepare you to feel energy more consciously. Write down your experience in a notebook, and report back to me.

Option 3

This works best when you have a specific request.

Write down on a piece of paper about your request. This can be a prayer, or specific thing you wish to change. If you are seeking spiritual guidance or paths you need to choose, you can write down all the choices or list of concerns. Then set it aside.

After the session you will look at this again, write down the fist thing comes into your mind. Report back to me when you can.

Since Reiki (Rayki) can work at many levels, you may not feel the effect right away. If your spiritual body was healed, your soul body and physical body will feel it later in a day, or sometime 3-4 days later. So please make this a healing journal as you will discover more and more about your greatness as your level of awareness increases. This is a wonder and very personal. I am here to facilitate your wonderus journey.

Enjoy and thank you for treating yourself with love.

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“I was able to rest peacefully. Thank you.”

–  Recovering from shoulder surgery

“My mother was suffering from a loss of her husband. The healing energy traveled across continent. She is in a better place now.”

– Mother of Two

“Thank you Teacher! I got through my exam and got the score I needed!”

– Student