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Energy Optimization

Makiko uses a unique blend of energy balancing techniques to optimize the client’s experience. During a session, Makiko channels information, offering her clients a rare insight direct from their highest Source.

Makiko offers:

General optimization of wellness

Distant Reiki Sessions (Reiki Healing Sessions long distance via phone/video call.)

Chakra cleansing & balancing

Energy flow enhancement

Trauma healing

Ancestral Healing

DNA Activation

Past Life Healing

What To Expect

We are all different, we have different bodies, different ways of thinking and valuing things.
However there are somethings in common.
When we are balanced energetically we feel right. Our body parts work in concert, our minds is calm, and our thought process is clear. Best of all we feel great and energized. When our energy is out of balance, we feel dis-ease and things starting to fall apart. Parts of our body start to ache, and our thought process starts to get disorganized. When we stay in this state too long, we invite diseases into our system.

So I treat energetic blockages first.

All of my clients get energy scanning before and after the treatment. And I scan them again when they come back. In this way my client and I know the progress. With this key piece of information, the body and mind will start to work together, thus aiding the healing processes.

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