Find your tribe in your local area! Reiki, Meditation, Metaphysical teaching in New Jersey, North Carolina, and South Carolina! Princeton, Greenville, Asheville, Charlotte, Cranbury ~ can't find? Join us via online.

Find Your Tribe in New Jersey (NJ), South Carolina (SC) & North Carolina (NC)!

Do you want to get involved and learn about Reiki? Rayki School offers a number of great opportunities to meet up with fellow Reiki enthusiasts. Get involved! Sign up today.

Below are the various Meetups we have available at Rayki School:

Meetup Groups create wonderful opportunities to practice the skills you have learned and further your understanding of your techniques by sharing experiences and asking questions of other like-minded practitioners.

 Asheville Reiki Metaphysics Meetup

 Charlotte Reiki Meetup

 Greenville Reiki Meetup

 Princeton Reiki & Meditation Meetup

 Princeton Metaphysics Meetup

 Princeton Meditation Meetup