Reiki Training Courses

Congratulations! You made it. It is not an coincident that we met in this way.

Are you receiving guidance to move forward in your Reiki journey? Are you ready for a more advanced training?

Experience higher vibration Reiki energy.
Explore Reiki in a more spiritual context.
[ icon name=”leaf” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Develop your own unique gifts and intuitive skill set and learn to teach Reiki to others.

RAYKI School Offers the following Reiki Training Courses:

Reiki Classes:

Choose the class based on your level of awareness, skill, and/or experience. Contact me if you want to be certain about these classes. Or, click the link below to find out more about them. A small group class can be offered upon request. Contact me today to learn more.

Reiki 101 Foundation Building

  • Recommended for the beginner. Offered both online and on-site.

Japanese Traditional Reiki (Usui method)

  • Learn the traditional Reiki teaching, both spiritual and technical aspects.

 USUI Method & Holy Fire Series Level 1 & 2

  • Certification class for those who intend to practice Reiki to themselves and loved ones. Upon the completion you will receive the practitioner certificate.

 USUI Method & Holy Fire Series Level Level 3 and Master

  • Certification class for those who intend to teach Reiki. Upon the completion you will receive the Master certificate.

 Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master

  • Certification class for those who intend to receive the higher octave of Reiki healing. Upon the completion you will receive Master certificate.

 Reiki Support Class “LIVE” online

 Animal Reiki

  • Learn how to give Reiki to animals.

 Holy Love Crystal Reiki

  • Learn how to connect and work with healing crystal.

About Classes

Classes are small, individualized and have ample time for explorative discussion and hands on practice time.

Class Dates >>> click Date tab to expand and see the upcoming classes

New to Reiki? Reiki is an alternative medicine without any prescription or physical intervention such as surgery or active pressure (i.e., chiropractic). A trained Reiki healer can activate your own natural healing abilities via relaxation. Thanks to the Internet, there are abundant information on online. Reiki has no connection to religion, or any esoteric school. It also respects free will. It is designed to have only positive and healing quality, when given by the master healer. Contact me if you have any question on the type of Reiki I practice. Look forward to having you in a class!