Holy Love Crystal Reiki Level 1 and Level 2

Thank you for becoming a healer!

Are you excited as I am? This is huge. I congratulate you from my heart. I will offer many different ways for you to become a self-sufficient healer you deserve.

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The class is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience. Practice time includes giving and receiving a complete Crystal Reiki treatment.


Let’s review this together…..

  • Your registration status – you have registered and paid in full
  • Location (physical or online*) and the hours (start and end time)
  • You read the requirement and other recommended preps (see below)
  • You submitted your name on certificate and credential as well as your contact information
  • Your true self 

If you have any question, please contact Makiko.

Meet your Tribes (Holy Love Crystal Reiki Graduates)

Holy Love Crystal Reiki Level 1 & Level 2

This is a two day training course taught by a Master Reiki teacher, Dr. Makiko Suzuki Fliss.

The class is small and nurturing environment.  Each student will receive many healing experiences and many opportunities to ask questions and interact with others.

  • This is a powerful and deep healing experience. Your energy will shift and people will notice your change.

How to prepare for this class…


In order for you to maximize the experience and learning, we recommend that you prepare your body, mind and spirit. Please read and review the list below.

  • Avoid consuming alcohol or caffeine or other drugs (unless prescribed by a physician) 48 hours prior to class
  • Avoid consuming animal products (meats, egg, cheese, dairy products, etc.) 48 hours prior to class
  • Drink warm water, or herbal tea and get a good night sleep (avoid social gathering like a big party, all-night outing, etc.)

Just checking….

  1. Name on your certificate. We love to offer the certification as soon as possible. So please send us your information including “name” appeared on the certificate and credentials. Please contact us by email or use the form above, so you may have the certificate on the last day of the class.
      example)  Mary Jane Smith, LMT
  2. Please browse the adjacent tabs to see how you may want to prepare yourself for this class. It can greatly enhance the level of comfort and experience.

Preparing for Crystal Healing Attunement: there are a couple ways to improve your attunement experience. One way is to watch and listen to this video. This is not required however I highly recommend to everyone. click HERE to watch.


Here are few things we want to share!

House Rules 

  • Please make effort to arrive on-time. Life happens, traffic can be tricky, so plan ahead (you know this)
  • Cell phone use is permitted only during break
  • Plan to ask questions, make it special and memorable.

*Online participants : Based on the feedback from the students, I compiled a list of things you need to have as shown below.

  • Download this now (don’t wait ’til the start time). Zoom app (free download from https://zoom.us/download)
  • High speed internet access preferred, and device of your choice phone, tablet, laptop, computer). We would like to see you, so it is best to have good Internet connection.
  • You will need to have a head phone that has a built-in speaker. This will prevent background noise. Also your voice is projected better.
  • Please bring your own device and headset with a built-in speaker even if you are attending as a group online. This will ensure your experience during attunements (guided meditation).

Good to know list

  • Bring your notebook and pens
  • Wear comfortable clothing (see attire below)
  • Bring your lunch and water bottles, if you want to save time or have specific dietary requirements
  • Bring a blanket, pillow, or jacket for meditation
  • Bring slippers or in-house footwear
  • If you have your own massage table, or preferred setting (i.e., towel, sheets, etc.), please bring it with you to increase your comfort level.
  • Reminder that this is an all day class
  • Your crystals and grids if you already have them (also picture or keepsake, if you request distant Crystal Reiki healing during the class)

Many of these are direct feedback from our past students. And many items listed here are options, so feel free to read on and make your own version.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing (preferably no jeans.) A light jacket is recommended because temperature can be difficult to control. Due to potential chemical sensitivities of your classmates, please refrain from wearing perfumes or oils to class.

Hours: Most classes start between 8:30am – 9:00 a.m., except it is specified to start at 8:00am. Due to the nature of the work done in this course, the exact ending times cannot be pre-determined. Sometime the class finish by 4:00 p.m. and sometime the class ends later than 5:00 p.m. Please plan accordingly.

The Level 1 course includes:

  1. Provide the solid foundation you need to become a Crystal Reiki healer
  2. Learn qualities and benefits of Crystal Reiki
  3. Understand how Crystal Reiki works
  4. Be able to select the right crystals based on three different methods
  5. Learn how to connect, communicate and learn with Crystals
  6. Practice cleanse, charge and maintain crystals
  7. Practice selecting the right crystals
  8. Practice self Crystal Reiki healing
  9. Be able to align yourself with Crystal Reiki energy
  10. Be able to receive healing energy from Source and Mother Earth by raising your own vibration via Crystals

The Level 2 course includes:

  1. Provide core foundation to offer Crystal Reiki healing to others
  2. Be able to select the right crystals based on their structures
  3. Understand the mechanics of point 1 from physical and metaphysical sciences
  4. Review on sacred geometry and planetary grids
  5. Understand the distinct benefits of Crystal Reiki Grid 
  6. Practice creating a Crystal Reiki Grid
  7. Learn how to perform Crystal Reiki healing for others
  8. Practice giving Crystal Reiki healing to others
  9. Practice sending distant reiki healing via grid
  10. Learn different applications of Crystal Reiki Grid

The class is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience. Practice time includes giving and receiving a complete Crystal Reiki treatment.