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Welcome to Japanese Reiki !

​This workshop will qualify you to practice Japanese Reiki on yourself and others. This is the foundation course for Japanese Reiki. Students will also receive a solid foundation in the healing modality of Reiki. Each student receives Attunements which provides the ability to channel Reiki energy for the benefit of self, others including sentient kinds and others (relationships, home, and business).​​

In Japan, Reiki was taught by master who were in “mastery of Reiki journey” for decades. The students must show their ability and competency, before they can take the next level. Often time they were asked to serve two year in a clinical setting, so they gain hands-on knowledge. I think this is a wonderful scenario for both practitioners and patients. This was easier as Reiki was recognized clinical modality back then. When Reiki came to West, it created the whipple effect that no one has expected. This surge of Reiki popularity truly shocked many Reiki masters in Japan. It, however, came at a price. While West honors techniques and rules, spiritual aspect of Reiki got lost in translation. It is equally wonderful for one to become a Reiki healer in a 2-day class. It provides far little time for one to feel confident when offering Reiki to others.

It is not unusual to take several years or more to become a Master in Japan. This is also costly. I do not know the exact figure, but I know one can spend ten thousands or more to receive training. It is still far less than that of a four-year college tuition. It is much more expensive than any class you often see in a Reiki class.

I am here to fill the gap without going too far into either direction. You will gain knowledge on Japanese Reiki, the symbols, as well as more hands-on practice on traditional Japanese Reiki techniques.

What You Lean

  • History of Reiki
  • Japanese Reiki Techniques, as taught by Dr. Usui including: Gassho meditation, Reiji-ho – developing your intuition
  • Byosen Scanning – detecting where Reiki is needed
  • Gyoshi ho – sending Reiki with the eyes,
  • Kenyoku – dry bathing or clearing one’s energy field.
  • Hayashi Healing Guide
  • Using Reiki for specific conditions

If you want to provide a more authentic Reiki to your clients, this course is perfect for you.


Holy Love Crystal Reiki is a new form of Reiki with Crystal.  The energy of Holy Love comes from a higher consciousness and it merges well with the pure high vibrational energy from Crystal Collectives. Holy Love is similar to the energy of Holy Fire.

It carries four distinct frequencies – energies of

  1. purification,
  2. healing,
  3. empowerment
  4. guidance.

This energy is further enhanced and sustained by the power of Crystal. With appropriate use of these power combination, you will be able to offer healings to others and all sentient kinds in an ever effective and efficient manner. You can extend this to your home, business, relationships, and objects like your jewelries and crystals you already owned.

If you are reading this section, you are here for a reason. Crystal energy connects us in a beautiful and artful way! Congrats on your step. It is not easy to come to here (I know). I truly look forward to seeing you in a class.

Some of the qualities students have experienced include:

  1. Sense major seven energy centers and be able to translate them into practical implication
  2. Be able to confidently conduct Healing Session using Japanese Reiki methods
  3. Sufficient knowledge about Japanese Reiki (compare and contrast Japanese vs West Reiki)
  4. Deeper understanding of Healing mechanics from both Spiritual and Metaphysical angles.
  5. Applications of Japanese Reiki using hands, and others.
  6. Deepening your connection to the energy of sacred Symbols.
  7. Alignment of your spiritual self with the Reiki collective.

There are many more benefits than the items listed above. Hope you can come and experience them in person!


Come to Central New Jersey! (overnight stay option can be found via Airbnb under “spiritual retreat” near Cranbury NJ).

  • Spring 2018
    • Saturday, May 5th 2018 (9:00 am-5:00 pm) Holy Love Crystal Reiki Level One  Cranbury NJ
    • Sunday, May 6th 2018 (9:00 am-5:00 pm) Holy Love Crystal Reiki Level Two  Cranbury NJ
  • Summer, 2018
    • Wednesday, May 30th 2018 (9:00 am-5:00 pm) Holy Love Crystal Reiki Level One  Asheville, NC
    • Thursday, May 31st 2018 (9:00 am-5:00 pm) Holy Love Crystal Reiki Level Two  Asheville, NC
  • Fall~Winter, 2018
    • Saturday September 15th, 2018 (9:00 am-5:00 pm) Holy Love Crystal Reiki Level One  Cranbury NJ
    • Sunday December 16th, 2018 (9:00 am-5:00 pm) Holy Love Crystal Reiki Level Two  Cranbury NJ


  • Can’t find the dates & locations you like? Contact RAYKI school for a private group class.

Past Classes 2017

  • Crystal 101 ~ Charlotte NC, Asheville NC

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If you wish to retake the class or the portion of it for your upkeep and upgrade, you can use this link. Please mention me you are upgrading Holy Love Crystal Reiki as you are using the same form as the “Upgrading Holy Fire Reiki Energy”.

Welcome! This class is open to all. It is ideal for a Reiki practitioner who wish to bring his or her practice to the next level.

If you are reading this section, you are probably ready to take this class.

I highly recommend that you will take or had taken the following classes.

  • Human Energy System 101
  • Holy Fire II Reiki Level One
  • Holy Fire II Reiki Level Two

I recommend you to consider them as you will receive optimal results if you are already tuned into Universal Life Force energy. Based on my experience, students become more sensitive to subtle energy fields. It is as if their minds and hearts were to merge through hands. As one takes extra time to learn spiritual mechanics, one can open up more to receive energy from higher consciousness.

You came to the right place at the right time! You will help your clients, business, and yourself in a greater way.

Yes, I am in!

Take your Reiki practice to the next level.

Crystal Reiki is a new branch of Reiki combining the use of crystals with Reiki, universal life force energy. The more you understand the science and spiritual mechanics behind crystals, the more you can confidently perform reiki sessions with powerful crystals. Add a powerful tool to your healing offering. Get a key to enter Crystal collectives!


“I enjoyed the class it made me think in new ways and made me aware of many new things. I love learning and expanding my thinking. This made me think about myself, family, and my surrounding – in a greater way. ”

– RT in healthcare for 18 years, KY

“Despite a life-long suspicion of the power of Crystals in healing, I have never experienced such as intimate relationship with their powers and personalities. It’s as if we are dealing with a whole family of life forms, each with their own peculiar and fascinating niche specialities”

  • Videographer, NJ

“This course was transformative as well as informative! Makiko radiates her energy creating a beautiful space for learning, experiencing, and exploration! Thank you so much for such an enlightening class. I am so happy to have finally met you!”

– Justine, Yoga Instructor, AZ

“I was really impressed by the breadth of the sacred geometry information. I found it connected me back to my inspiration on this realm and gave a beautiful foundation to the whole class. I loved how the esoteric principles were pulled into a deeper and internal space, combining the philosophy with spiritual mechanics.”

– Spiritual Explorer, AZ

“I really feel much more attuned to a vibration of healing since this weekend. Thank you so much for helping so many of us to access our inner knowledge!!!! And to the crystal beings who help us use that inner knowledge. I am so grateful. Thank you Makiko!”

– Teacher, AZ

“It was truly enlightening experience. There are so much to assimilate. I am glad that all of my questions were answered. And what a nice group of people! I would just come back to see them.”

– Reiki Master, NJ

“The hands on experience was very good. I feel comfortable building a grid to fit the clients’ needs”

– Reiki Master, NJ

“I was skeptical at first but now I see the value of using Crystals in healing work”

– Reiki Master & Scientist

“The course was fun, intuitive, and informative. Learning about grids was especially helpful. The attunements and group discussions were very beneficial”

– Spiritual Seeker, Mercerville NJ

“I am so excited to know that I have intuition!”

– Student from Crystal Reiki 101

“I will be definitely taking Master Crystal Reiki with you!”

– Jewelry Designer, NJ

“Sunday was such a life changing experience that I was wondering if I could also request a Holy Fire Reiki I certificate to commemorate my receiving placement in Holy Fire Reiki I class. A day I will never forget none the less!”

– Satisfied Rayki School Student

“I felt  some comfort in seeing Jesus in my meditation knowing this great healer will be helping to guide me in some way. ” ”

– Student after Ocean of Holy Love Experience

“I now have more confidence using my crystals”

– Master student

“Thank you!!! They are so beautiful to work with. The lecture was very informative to me.”

Much Love.”

– Student from Charlotte NC


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Welcome to Crystal Reiki Collective! You are already in this journey when thinking about taking this course.

Feel free to write me anytime for questions about the class. Look forward to having you in the classroom.

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