RAYKI Mentoring Program


You now can start offering Reiki treatment to your family, love ones, and more. You feel lighter, and calmer, and soon you notice that your world is starting to change. People around you also notice your shift as well.

So…now what?

  • Should you open up an office?
  • How about website and other business set-up?
  • Is this right for me now, or should I wait?
  • How do I respond when my client challenges me with difficult questions?

I remember when I first received my Reiki training and certification, I felt a bit lost and unsure of what to do and how to further develop my healing skills and Reiki business. ​I had access to Reiki energy and the basic skills needed, but what to do next?

It is one thing to do Reiki to myself, family and friends, but opening up to the public is a whole other story….I needed much more than just my Reiki healing skills.

You will be wearing many hats, healer, counselor, marketer, brander, dealing with many different people and situations. You will be bombarded with answering never-ending questions from your clients.

Additional skills like the time management, business acumen and generally being able to deal with the public are a must to develop your Reiki and your healing business.

In order to fully harness and develop your Reiki skills and healing business, we are offering a ongoing Reiki mentoring program.

We will be with you every step of the way.   Answering your questions and guiding you to success.

​​There is no time like the present. Sign up TODAY.

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Read What Our Students Are Saying


“Your teachings and healing sessions have been immensely helpful to me. I still occasionally meet with my oncology counselor and I happened to have an appointment with her this morning. She commented on how amazed she is with the progress I’ve made in emotional healing in such a short time. She has been brought to tears by hearing about some of my placement and ignition experiences that I’ve shared.”

–  Cancer survivor, & mother of two USUI Holy Fire II REIKI MASTER

“The training was excellent, I feel confidant that with practice I will be able to administer Reiki. It was good to get feedback from other students that they could feel the energy flow through my hands.”

– David, Engineer

“Holy Fire II Master’s Reiki was powerful one to me. My Asthma is gone! I no longer need my inhaler. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Licensed nurse and caregiver. USUI REIKI Holy Fire II MASTER

“Sunday was such a life changing experience that I was wondering if I could also request a Holy Fire Reiki I certificate to commemorate my receiving placement in Holy Fire Reiki I class. A day I will never forget none the less!”

– Satisfied Rayki School Student