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It is said that if you can not love yourself first, then you can not truly love another. We often try to “fix” the things we see  are “wrong”,  or try to mend a “broken” heart; a seemingly impossible task. Lionsgate Heart Healing Retreat, held by RAYKI School Founder Makiko Fliss, PhD,Msc, lends the support and knowledge to be able to unlock the “secret” to healing. The weekend is filled with healing tools such as guided meditation, group sharing, mandala paintings, devine self drawings and so much more. Most importantly, you actually experience the release of the chaotic energy, or “dis-ease area”.

The difference in the energy of the room and its occupants  improved from day to day, really noticing a lighter, more peaceful energy as to retreat went on. “We came together to “fix” our broken hearts. Soon we realize that our hearts are  not broken. Simply, they need more space to expand, so we can love ourselves even deeper with the ever expanding flow of consciousness,” said Fliss. Such wise words and guidance allow healing in itself. Fliss asks the questions we are afraid to ask ourselves, simply an observer guiding you to the answers we all so eagerly seek. Each RAYKI retreat comes with unique format and the frequency-based teaching. So it is the best match to you and the collective.  For example, in the Lionsgate retreat, the participants came to a close with a breathtaking sunrise meditation on a jetty on Asbury Park Beach and a cleansing dip in the ocean to commence the retreat. Asheville Mountain Retreat came with Reiki Mastership program, bringing Summer Solstice energy to the full effect. Attending such a healing retreat is not only beneficial for oneself but for those around them. You see the difference as your loved ones tell you how much you’ve shifted in such a short duration. Come and experience this powerful healing.

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Our Upcoming Retreats

Summer Solstice Ceremony, Asheville 14 & 15, June 2019

Lionsgate Ceremony August 2019

Autumnal (Fall) Equinox Ceremony 2019 September 22nd  (Eastern)

Hawaii Hidden Treasure Retreat October 2019  – Kauai & Maui Islands

Winter Solstice Retreat 2019, December 21st,  (Eastern)

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Spring Equinox Multidimensional Healing Workshop 2019 March 22nd-24th  (Eastern) click HERE to continue

2019 Spring Equinox Retreat January 18th & 19th, 2019 Central NJ Sat & Sun  click HERE for details and registration

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