2019 Summer Solstice Retreat (3-Day plus 1-Day Special)


Reiki Level 3 & Master

June 12th- 14th (Wed, Thu & Fri), 2019  (10am-5pm)

Akashic Records for Starseeds

June 15th (Sat), 2019 (10am-5pm)

Mountain Light Sanctuary, Asheville Mountains NC

Summer Solstice Super Solar Combo Reiki Master Class Plus Akashic Records Reading for Starseeds Workshop

  • Accommodation with Mountain Light Sanctuary:  website HERE
  • Watch video for more info about Akashic Records for Starseeds: click HERE

 USUI HFII Advanced Training (Level 3) & Master $ 1,050.00
Akashi Workshop Lecture ONLY* $ 150.00
Akashi Workshop with Attunements $ 350.00

Reiki Master Plus Akashi Activation $ 1,111.00 COMBO discount ($289 SAVING) recommended option

If you are RAYKI master graduates, you can attend from Fri & Sat with the fee of $350. Contact Makiko to learn more.

Akashic Records

Akashi Fire Reiki Master Retreat

Welcome to Akashi Fire Reiki Master Retreat! This is where you will receive two gifts – one is becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, and the other is reaching your life records, called Akashic Records. Anyone can attend if you are Reiki Level 2 or above. You are one of few that can experience this in person. I know so many of you have been waiting for this moment. By completing the retreat, you will:

  • Receive Reiki Master Certification
  • Be able to attune your students as Reiki healers and masters
  • Receive two supreme symbols
  • Deepen your healing practice
  • Raise your frequency bands to access life records for healing

I am here to serve you, so that you can complete your soul missions here on earth. We need you, and many more of you. I am sending my energy there in advance, so you can reach your potential. Now it is your turn to do the same. You just need to show up, and the Universe will guide you from that point on.

Reading akashic records is not just for specific people, it is open to each and every one of us. It is in Akashi (Ekasha) fields where all knowingness exists beyond time and space. However, it takes “good” and “correct” practices to access them. You may watch the video to learn more.

If you were planning to take the Reiki Master course, this is your calling. You can combine this with the Akashic Records Workshop to receive a significant discount. You must be a certified Reiki healer (Level 2 and above). Register by clicking HERE.


Why Asheville?

Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains where Ancients Sleep… ” “Powerful souls will come.” said The Universe. There will be 15, and 12 of them will become powerful healers.
I remember it like it was yesterday – when I received this message. I was super excited to host this event at Mountain Light Sanctuary. You need to be here to see and feel this for yourself – magical beings play around and amazing souls rest their wings here. It may take a day or so to clear your mind, and clear ‘energy pollution’ – so you may experience stillness. You start to synch yourself with the rivers, the mountains, and the land – all the elementals, trees, mushrooms and the bamboo forest. Hug these trees, play with butterflies, and rest your heart in a circle of Crystal tower. Hike around or meditate in your favorite spots – you will be able to be in a vortex and still feel the stillness within.

The year of 2019 is the mastery of duality. There is no other place that I can think of to heal oneself and raise frequencies in a singular moment. The ancient mountains and crystal beds in them do the magic. All you need to do is show up and be fully present.

In this retreat, you will discover your inner physician and how to heal yourself completely. This is the difference. This is a rare retreat where it is completely “frequency based”. So you will receive and experience what you truly deserve. So let us set our intention now – be still and the truth will be revealed.

I want each and every soul to have the very best experience in this retreat. Also I would like to thank the Universe in advance as this retreat is already happening for those who are thinking of coming here. When you come here, please make an extra effort to meet the founder of Mountain Light, Michael Lightweaver. He is a true warrior and the light carrier.

I would love to share what I saw from each and every one of you, but probably not here. As it was so magical and grand, it was very personal and unique to you. Though we all had a very special and mystical experience together in the very end, I will keep this in my heart and will never forget about this and the ties we developed with one another.

Our Universe is made of the energy of unconditional love. This is why LOVE heals ALL.

RAYKI hugs,


RAYKI Family Moments

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