Eclipse Retreat Family Moments

Thank you for coming from your hometowns to celebrate the total solar eclipse today!

Eclipse RAYKI Family Moments

RAYKI Family Retreats

Welcome to RAYKI family retreats! This year, we had the wonderful retreat in Asheville ending with a Summer Solstice celebration. And we are so excited to announce the second annual retreat, to celebrate the Total Solar Eclipse in Anderson SC! 

Eclipse RAYKI Retreat

Holy Fire II Reiki and Total Solar Eclipse Ceremony

The Holy Fire II Reiki I & II and ART/Master classes August 16-20 are invited to join us in the Solar eclipse totality viewing and ceremony! Participate in Makiko & Heather’s World Peace Ceremony to help bring peace and love to the world.

~~~HF II Reiki CLASS~~~

Level One & Two Aug 16 & 17 (2-day)
Level Three and Master  August 18, 19 & 20 (3-day)

Total Eclipse Viewing & Ceremony ($50)

DAY ONE : Aug 20th 6:30pm – 8:30 pm
Location : Fernview Center for Wellbeing
1115 Dunlap Rd, Anderson, SC 29621

DAY TWO Aug 21st noon – 3:30pm
Location: Pendleton SC (Private Location)
(Detail will be sent upon registration)


Welcome to “TOTALITY” viewing and ceremony hosted by RAYKI school and Fernview Center of Well-Being. We will start the night before, Sunday the 20th to get a briefing on this rare event by the local expert, Professor of Physics and the ambassador of The TOTAL Solar Eclipse (Erskine College). On the day of the eclipse, the 21st, we will meet at the private property where we have privacy and a great view of the “Totality” of a solar eclipse.  Please come on time so you won’t miss the safety tips and a brief demo on the best way to “watch” the 2 min eclipse. Most people make a mistake here – and it feels like just an 8 second experience.  Heather and I will send you more information on this event and logistics upon registration using the link provided on this page. We will have the world peace meditation followed by the eclipse celebration. Hope to see many of you!


Total Solar Eclipse



Significance of the Eclipse

Significant energy will be released during the eclipse period. This will start 2-3 days prior and continue 2-3 days after the event. Many spiritual teachers direct students to practice their spirituality during this important time, and to refrain from initiating big projects, or starting long distant travel. This is a once in lifetime eclipse, and the energy from the eclipse will be quite profound – empathic people will experience an emotional rollercoaster as the eclipse comes with an inward pull.  One can utilize this time to heal past trauma, including car accidents, abuses, and ancestral karmic debts that are stored in the subconscious mind. It is also a great time to take Reiki trainings, as it can connect you to the spiritual realm in a greater way.

Why Anderson SC?

According to NASA, Anderson County is in the prime viewing area for the 2017 solar eclipse totality. It will be the first total solar eclipse visible in the entire continental U.S. since 1918, according to NASA’s website. There will be a brief lecture on the Solar Eclipse and you will receive some gadgets to enjoy this once a lifetime viewing experience.

Do I have to take the Reiki Workshop?

This is totally up to you. Taking spiritual healing classes during this mystical moment will be perfect, especially if this is in your path. Attendance to the Reiki workshop is free, if you have taken the same class with me before. Also I allow people to audit the lecture part, if they are not completely sure. Based on my observation, one can reinforce the Reiki energy by repeating the class. Hope to see you there!

Want to meet up online before?

Please contact me via facebook or email me, so I can send you the link (secret group) on facebook. You will get to know people beforehand and perhaps you can arrange carpooling or lodging/room-sharing.

Your $50.00 includes:

  • Solar Eclipse Lecture (significance of this historical event and science)
  • Private solar Eclipse viewing spot.
  • Eclipse ceremony, World Peace Meditation
  • Eclipse glasses
  • Light snacks on-site
  • Live stream of the eclipse hosted by NASA
  • Lots of smiles and warm hugs 🙂

August 20th Sunday 6:30pm-8:30pm

  • Arrive at Fernview Wellness Center, 1115 Dunlap Rd Anderson SC.
  • Lecture by Professor Ekaterina Michonova, Solar System Ambassador.
  • Distribute The Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses and Things you “MUST” know about the safe viewing practice.

August 21st Monday (Day of The Solar Eclipse)

  • Meet in the designated location at Aug 21st Monday noon
  • Overview of safety tips
  • Practice how to maximize the viewing experience
  • Partial phase start: 1:08:59PM
  • Totality starts at 2:37:50 PM with duration of 2m 34s

We have secured a couple of different viewing spots, in case of excessive cloudiness or adverse weather conditions. We will also have a live stream of the eclipse by NASA as an extra precaution.

Check out our past RAYKI retreat(s) here!

  • 2017 June 16-21 Summer Solstice Retreat in the Asheville Mountains:  a wonderful retreat in Asheville ending with Summer Solstice celebration.
  • 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Reiki Mastership and Viewing Ceremony  ~ Celebrate the Total Solar Eclipse in Anderson SC!  (coming up soon!)

Our Eclipse memories