Annual Retreat at the Beach

Celebrate with us!

RAYKI Annual Retreat

Welcome to RAYKI family Annual Retreat! This year we had three wonderful retreats. And we are so excited to announce the RAYKI Annual Retreat to close 2017 out right here on the Jersey Shore!

Retreat Intro

Click and watch a short video!

Drum Circle Celebrations & Reiki Intensive (see below)

Seeking lead drummers for each night!

  Friday December 22nd, 2017 – Opening of Winter Solstice Celebration 7pm

  Friday 29th 2017 – Closing of Winter Solstice 7pm

  Sunday December 31st 7pm New Year Full Moon Celebration

Bring your drum, noisemakers, smile, food and drink if you wish. Come one come all, celebrate these special days with tribes! cost $15 ($20 at the door). Look forward to seeing many tribes!

Reiki Master Intensive

From Level One (no experience) to Level Four (Master) and beyond

Master Intensive*

Holy Fire II Reiki Level 1 & 2  

December 21st & 22nd  9am – 5pm

Holy Fire II Reiki Level 3 & 4 

December 23 ~ 25th 2017  (9am – 5pm)

Holy Fire II Reiki Karuna 

December 26th ~ 28th (9am-5pm)

Drum Circle and Celebration including food and drink $15 | $20 (at the door)

Your Reiki Class payment include:

  • Drum circle and celebrations
  • Lecture, textbook, certification*, and access to the class slides. More detailed class description are found here.
  • Biofield Energy Visualization and Chakra reading (Biowell).

Additional benefits (discount)

  • Private room at a beach house at a discounted rate.
  • Private session by Master Reiki Healers (Albert, Makiko, or other RAYKI masters) at special event rate.

*Audit option does not include the certification. You may purchase the textbook on-site.

Advanced Reiki Retreat Intensive “Holy Fire II, Karuna, & Japanese Reiki”

This class also include healing meditation, sound treatment, and restorative Qi-based movement.

If you are new to Reiki, this one is for you. You may take Reiki Level one only.

Holy Fire II Reiki Level 1 & 2

December 21st & 22nd  9am – 5pm
2 Day Hoy Fire II Reiki Healer Certification Class
Location : Private beach house @ Ortley Beach, New Jersey


You already have Reiki Level 2 and feel super comfortable with your skill level? You are ready for the advanced classes!

Holy Fire II Reiki Level 3 & 4 Advanced & Master Training

December 23 ~ 25th 2017  (9am – 5pm)
3 Day Hoy Fire II Reiki Master Certification Class
Location : Private beach house @ Ortley Beach, New Jersey


Holy Fire II Reiki Karuna
Advanced & Master Training

More advanced Reiki Training for Masters and Advanced Practitioners

Many consider this as the highest vibration Reiki as it comes with sacred and power symbols. You need to be a Level 3 holder or a Master to take this class.

December 26th ~ 28th (9am-5pm)
3 day Mastery Reiki Trainings
Location : Private beach house @ Ortley Beach, New Jersey

Reserve your private room using the link below. You may see pictures of rooms and the house by clicking the adjacent tab.

Wish to make a room reservation at a private beach house!

Lodging information >>> HERE

Aloha to you,

This is Makiko, I will be welcoming you personally to the RAYKI retreat. Every being comes to this retreat has something very unique and precious thing to offer. They are healers and givers. You will feel that you come to the right place, your home away from home. I look forward to having you.