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Kauai Courtyard at Coconut Beach $2,000/6 nights (as of 5/16/19)
Treat yourself at LEMURIA retreat center
Kauai Courtyard at Coconut Beach $2,000/6 nights (as of 5/16/19)
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Hope you can take an advantage of this great deal. You will have the 10 day Hawaii two islands for $3000. This includes your stay and the group activities. You may opt out the group activities and create your own excursions during the retreats. ~ Aloha to you. Somewhere Over The Rainbow > here Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Israel kamakawiwo’ole  > click here

Aloha to you,

This is Makiko, I will be welcoming you personally to the RAYKI retreat. Every being that comes to this retreat has something very unique and precious to offer. They are healers and givers. You will feel that you have come to the right place, your home away from home. I look forward to having you.



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