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We are here to support Mother Earth Gaia.

“Powerful souls will come.” said The Universe. There will be 15, and 12 of them will become powerful healers.
I remember being super excited to host this event at Mountain Light Sanctuary, where magical creatures live and amazing soul travelers find comfort.
As the retreat date approached, I became more worried than I was excited – because I did not see the 15 attendees registered for the event. I meditated again. The message was repeated again and again – 15 will be there, 12 powerful healers and 2 will come from nowhere.

So I let the Universe chart up the rest and I stayed focused on self cleansing and spiritual mechanics – my teaching materials.

I wanted each and every soul to have the very best experience and to serve the Universe, our planet, and all living things. I cannot thank the Universe enough – I would not be able to have this wonderful retreat without students, support from my family, a master teacher and her husband, our heart-filled chef and resident of Mountain Light, and of course, the owner of this sacred place, Michael Lightweaver. I love you all.

I would love to share what I saw from each and every one of you, but probably not here. As it was so magical and grand, it was very personal and unique to you. Though we all had a very special and mystical experience together in the very end, I will keep this in my heart and will never forget about this and the ties we developed with one another.

I hope you all feel the same way. Our Universe is made of the energy of unconditional love. This is why I love to teach Reiki, as it carries the closest form of that energy in the most understandable and practical format.

Rayki hugs,


P.S. As the Universe said, there were 15 of us in the stone runes circle. Two out of the TWELVE, yes, showed up from nowhere. And yes, we are the soul family, the spirit group.

Participants' reflection of their experience

Retreat Collective Collage
Retreat Collective Collage

RAYKI Family Moments