Our RAYKI retreat moments....

Our Past Retreats

Thank you for visiting our precious memory place! This is by far the most favorite thing I do. Yes it is lots of work and planning….and it is so rewarding. Hope you can come and celebrate “life” together. Please subscribe to our newsletter, or contact me for the future events and classes!

Lionsgate Lightbody Activation & Healing August 4th-8th, 2018, infovideo 

 Annual RAYKI Retreat “Drum Circle Winter Solstice Ceremonies (12/27/2017 & 12/29/2017 and Reiki Intensive (Triple Reiki Trainings)”

 Asheville Mountains Summer Solstice 2017

 Solar Eclipse Retreat 2017 

 Autumnal Equinox Whole Body & Mind Detox 9/23-9/24/2017 Sat & Sun (evenings and weekends) @ Cranbury NJ