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Just for today, I am thankful….

Just for today,

Do not be angry.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I am filled with happiness, joy and total abundance.
Just for today, I am grateful
Just for today, I honor mother earth
I open up to Source, All That Is
I choose Love


You are created out of Unconditional Love


“So relaxing. Thank you Makiko! I sleep so well on that night. I highly recommend this to anyone.” ~ VP Marketing and Ironman.

“I recently had a major surgery. My doctor was so inspired by my recovery that she was going to try Reiki too!” ~ Cancer survivor, and mother of two.

“I love her Reiki so much that I sent my best friend to her. I could not wait to hear her experience. Now she is a total believer of Reiki healing!” ~ Counselor and a Reiki healer.

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