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Dr Makiko Fliss’s extensive background in Western Medicine (Mount Sinai School of Medicine & Meiji University), combined with knowledge of the energy system, uniquely positions her as an expert in traditional and nontraditional disciplines.

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“As I have a very strong connection to Gaia, Makiko was able to see and hold the space for this relationship as the energies of the planet helped greatly in my healing. Furthermore she was able to go in a trance and channel a great healer “Yeshua- Jesus Christ” as I requested for him to be present during my healing ceremony. Makiko’s high level and detailed healing session is so impactful and profound that you literally know and feel every part of you as completely healed and brand new. ”

– Stone, Professional Performer Song writer & Gaia Toner​

“I was connected to Makiko through a destined encounter in Hawaii. After spending several years working through great uncertainty and darkness, I felt ready to receive the message that the light was near. Makiko’s reiki brought so much insight, so many answers, so much clarity and peace. I felt the weight leave me almost immediately, and within a few days, clearing and change began to unfold. Since our session, I feel youthful and alive, I now have very deep understanding of both my purpose and path within this life. For this, I am eternally grateful.”

– Alison, Warrior of Lost Animal Kingdom

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